Meet Wendy Palmer – BuggyFit client of mine with two children


“Buggyfit is an absolutely brilliant class for mums with children of all ages! I love being able to work out with my baby and with the other wonderful mums. When I started buggyfit I had a lot of excess baby weight to loose and was very unfit. I loved the fact that I could work at my own pace and attend to my baby if needed and even sometimes include her in the exercises. Kristen is an amazing instructor who is enthusiastic and motivating, she is creative with her sessions and they are always varied and interesting. I always have a buzz of energy after her classes. She also caters for everyone’s abilities from those just starting out to others who are more advanced. Since starting buggy fit 5 months ago I have really noticed a difference in my strength and fitness levels, my body shape has changed dramatically and I have lost 11kg. I feel so amazing now compared to when I started, I have so much more energy and confidence. I’m so glad I discovered Kristen and her buggyfit classes and highly recommend it to other mums wanting to improve their health and fitness.”

Meet Kylie Ann and Brendan Roughan – Husband and Wife team from my Group Fitness sessions


“I started training with Kristen on a one on one situation after losing an incredible amount of weight. What I had never been educated on was how to exercise correctly and effectively for what I wanted to personally achieve. Kristen shared her knowledge and experiences enabling me to be able to complete my first running race at the age of 37. Never had I run before in my life. I then introduced my husband to Kristen and her group sessions that I had started to attend. Brendan was already a fit active man who cycles to work 5 days a week. Not only do we get to spend time together exercising as a husband and wife team but both of us who are at different levels of fitness are able to feel as though we have had a great workout.  The way that Kristen runs her sessions are clear, and precise in showing the exercises that we are having to complete and she encourages you individually all the way and challenges you to complete your own goals that you have set for yourself.  We highly recommend joining launch fitness and we challenge you to start to set your own goals for your future.”



“Before children, I was a happy 43kg, (note I am only 143cm in height) enjoyed monthly massages, aqua aerobics ran a 1/4marathon and was active. After my first was born I never really got the chance to get back into shape because I was pregnant 10months later!  When the second was born I was at my heaviest. I felt big, awful, sluggish, lazy, unfit and unmotivated. A little depression had set in and at which point my husband got me out the door to buggy fit.

Naturally slight, I have lost some weight since commencing Buggy fit however what I have noticed is that my fitness has improved drastically.  I can run further without puffing as quickly and my arms are more toned and my upper body is stronger.

I started attended once a week but now I’m hooked and most weeks attend four days a week… and I’d love to do seven!  After a class, I feel, great, relaxed, happy, energised and fit! My kids love coming too. They imitate what we do at Buggy Fit at home on the exercise mat and tell me to run faster when pushing them up hills in the stroller and yell “Mummy don’t stop”!!!! I just love it!!!! I can truly say it has changed my life as well as my fitness.”