Casual Session $15

– a one-off casual session to test the waters!

Concession Card $100

– this gives you 8 sessions to be used whenever you like.  No timeframes or expiry.  Concession cards can be used for both Buggy Fit and Group Fitness sessions or you can bring a friend/partner and they can use a session from your card too!

Monthly pass $120

– pay $100 and attend as often as you like in that month.  This option is recommended for people looking to attend 3-4 sessions per week.  The monthly payment covers both Buggy Fit and Group Fitness sessions

Buggy Fit Babe T-shirts $40

– work out and get about in your very own branded Buggy Fit Babe or I [heart] Buggy Fit T-shirt.  Sizes from 10-14.  See Kristen for more details or to order!



One on One training session –

By Negotiation