What is Group Fitness with Launch Fitness?

These are exercise sessions for both men and women and are designed to “mix it up” and really get you going!!

Every session is different and the only thing in common between sessions is that they’re about an hour long, they start with some form of warm up or warm up game, and then we get into the body of the session followed by a cool down and stretch.

The sorts of exercises and routines we do are predominantly body weighted exercises, calisthenic in nature and generally set out in a circuit, as tabata or capped for time.  Running, skipping, and bounding are common during sessions.  We use a bit of gear ranging from medicine balls, weighted sand bags and speed ladders, to high dip bars, resistance bands and kettlebells.

Options are provided to accommodate for all levels of fitness however most people who attend have participated in other group fitness or boot camp type environments previously.  If you’re unsure if this session is right for you please feel free to get in touch.


Where are these held?

We usually workout outdoors on the Hukanui Primary school field / netball courts.  There are no toilet facilities close by (Chartwell Mall would be the closest) and a drinking fountain only.


Can I bring my children?

Yes you can however they are your responsibility at all times.


What is the difference between Group Fitness and Buggy Fit?

There are a couple of things!

Buggy Fit is all about the women!  This session is women only and children are encouraged to come along.

Group Fitness can be both men and women and is designed to be a bit more intense, can incorporate some more challenging exercises and goes for a little longer.  Often we do more running at Group Fitness sessions.

A number of Buggy Fit mums attend Group Fitness sessions once they have built up a bit of a base fitness and want the odd “challenge” added to their fitness regime!