First things first…

  • We welcome all abilities and fitness levels at Launch Fitness.  The sessions are all about you.  If people need a challenge I will make sure they get one, and similarly if someone needs a simpler option I will provide that too.  You work out at your own pace!
  • Concession cards and monthly subscriptions can be used for both Group Fitness and Buggy Fit sessions.
  • If you want to bring a friend, partner or another family member to these awesome sessions they can use a session from your concession card rather than pay the casual fee.  Just let me know in advance!
  • Payment is required prior to each session (or at the end if arranged prior).  Payment methods currently available are direct credit into bank account or cash.
  • You must complete a health waiver prior to starting a session with Launch Fitness.


Do I need a Yoga mat?

No you don’t.  I supply some but if you have your own you’re more than welcome to bring it along.


If I want to buy a Yoga mat where can I get one?

Places like the Warehouse, K-Mart etc sell them.  Rebel sport sells them too but they can be more expensive.  If you keep your eye out for sales at the Warehouse you can sometimes pick them up for as little as $5.00 a mat.


Buggy Fit Specific Questions


I’ve recently had a baby… when can I start Buggy Fit with Launch Fitness?

Firstly – congratulations on your new bundle of joy!  Secondly, go you for checking us out and wanting to get back on the exercise wagon.  My advice to all ladies is “it really depends”.  At the end of the day you know your body better than anyone else so the decision to get back to exercise is at your discretion.  I would however recommend you wait at least 6 weeks post birth (and have had your final midwife appointment and are cleared to resume “normal” activities).

If you’ve had a complicated pregnancy or labour I would strongly advise you talk to your GP or Health Care professional before commencing any form of exercise.

Another great rule of thumb is “if in doubt, go without”!


Do I need a Buggy for Buggy Fit?

No.  Over the winter months we are indoors (and you have to get up a flight of stairs) so prams can be a bit cumbersome – however you do what you need and we can work around it!  During summer (when we’re outdoors) mums tend to put their little ones in the pram (for convenience) however this isn’t essential.  If I’m planning on a session that I want the mums to have their prams I generally let them all know in advance.


What do the kids do when Buggy Fit is happening?

The children tend to entertain themselves.  The older children tend to move around and explore their environment (under mummys watchful eye), engage with the other kids there, play with toys and munch on snacks mummy might have packed for them.  If anyone’s child is having a “melt down” I am there to assist (where possible) however if someone has to deal with their little cherub then they just do so.  Sometimes I provide options for mums to use their little ones as resistance when performing exercises (especially if a baby or child is unsettled and just wants to be held)


What should I bring to Buggy Fit?

  • Wear comfy clothes (including a suitable bra and supportive shoes)
  • A drink bottle
  • A sweat towel
  • Anything that you might need for the baby or children (including toys, food, dummy etc)
  • A smile!


Where do you do Buggy Fit?

During the winter months we rent an indoor venue.  Currently held at the Generations Church, on North City Road (off Borman Road).  There are toilet and sink facilities available.  The area is totally enclosed and children are safe.

During the summer months we make use of parks in our local area.  Our favourites are Tauhara Park (off Callum Brae – by the Mini Putt) and Chartwell Park (opposite the Queenwood shops).  We aim to find parks with play grounds, shade and toilet facilities.

Suggestions always welcomed for alternative venues!


Is Buggy Fit just for mums with “babies”

No – we have children of all ages attend with their mums, from new bubbas right through to preschool age children.  In the school holidays older school aged children are welcome too!   And if you don’t want to bring the kids you don’t have to either!  Some of our mums have all their children at school and they come along!  These sessions are for any woman who wants to workout!


But won’t I be the most unfit, overweight and slowest person there?

We all have to start somewhere and by coming along you’re doing more than anyone who is at home sitting on the couch.  These sessions are about you and you focus on yourself – it’s not about comparing yourself to the others in the group.  There are a wide range of fitness abilities at Buggy Fit but if you ask any of the ladies what their fitness was like when they first started I am sure you will feel better about yourself.  The great thing is, once you start coming along regularly you will be amazed at how quickly your fitness improves and your body starts to change (not just in appearance but the things that it is able to do).  All the ladies are very supportive and encouraging of each other so there is no need to feel intimidated.


My pelvic floor is really weak and I can suffer from LBL when I exercise.  Should I exercise?

Don’t worry – that is really quite normal for most women – especially women who have had a baby.  Don’t forget I am a mum too and will openly admit that t I’ve experienced (and still can experience LBL) from time to time.  I provide exercise option for women who have concerns in this department however a lot of the work we do actually encourages the pelvic floor muscle to work making it stronger and better able to cope with exercise.

I also encourage my mums to check out the TENA website for free samples and videos on pelvic floor exercises.


I have suffered a splitting of the abdominals during pregnancy – can I attend?

This question needs to be answered on a case by case basis.  I am not a doctor or Physio so if you have suffered any trauma like this I would recommend you double check things with your health practitioner.  Most women who come along with this condition know what their boundaries are and they let me know.  If there are exercises in the session that aggravate things for them we revert back to what they know they can do and what feels comfortable for them.  Buggy Fit does not involve sit ups etc (which can worsen this condition) however we do a lot of plank and pilates type moves that can help with the recovery of this sort of complaint.


I’m still breastfeeding, can I come?

Most definitely!  I would however recommend a good sports bra be worn.  If you need to feed your little one mid way through a session that is no problem.  We do what we can to make you both feel comfortable.  I’ve known to be instructing a class and breast feeding my son at the same time!