What is Buggy Fit with Launch Fitness?

It’s a workout designed by a mother for mothers!

Women come along and exercise in a group environment with other like minded ladies and bringing your baby / toddler / pre schooler, is encouraged!

Sessions are between 45-50 minutes in duration and every session is different and with an element of fun!  We complete a range of body weight exercises (think squats, push ups, burpees, lunges etc) with cardio type moves (think star jumps, butt kicks, high knees etc).  Options are provided to accommodate for all levels of fitness and ability so don’t feel intimidated if you’re new to fitness, have pelvic floor issues or have been away from exercise for a while. Don’t forget we all have to start somewhere!

And.. on the flip side – if you’re a bit of a fitness junkie I will definitely be providing options that challenge even the strongest and fittest of SUPERMUMS!

At the end of the day the session is about YOU and I want to make sure you get just what you need from it.

So… what are you waiting for?

Put the buggy in the boot, dress in something comfy, strap the lil ones in, drop off any school kids and come do an awesome workout.

I guarantee you will be home (round trip) within 90 minutes without the cost of childcare, and you’ll be feeling a whole lot better about yourself!