Exercise is one of those things that fills up my cup….

Call me weird, obsessed, or mad, but I’m in my element when I’m drowned in sweat, or with tender muscles the day after a hard session!

I became a mum in May 2012 (on my birthday to be exact) and several months later stumbled across a local fitness group that was all about mums and their babies exercising together. Cut a long story short – I went on to purchase Launch Fitness and have since made it my own.

In September 2014 I grew my family further and welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world. I maintained my exercise regime right through my pregnancy and this included weight lifting, body weight exercises (some plyometric) and running.

Prior to having my children I have dabbled in a wide array of disciplines from netball, body building, sports fighting, triathlon and participated in numerous group fitness classes through a variety of gyms.  Up until having my first I existed in the corporate world!

Exercise is such a positive tonic for me and it has been an important tool for me in managing bouts of depression and anxiety that I have suffered over the years.  Exercise and good nutrition have played a huge part in terms of my ability to cope and pull through when the going has got tough.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my passion for exercise and the after-glow it creates with you!