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Workout with other like minded ladies and bringing your baby / toddler / pre schooler, is encouraged! 


Exercise sessions for both men and women and are designed to “mix it up” and really get you going!!


For the more personal and tailored exercise session and NO you don’t need a gym membership or attend a gym!


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“Fitness. It’s not about being better than someone else. It’s about being a better you.”


Buggy Fit

Buggy Fit is a workout designed by a mother for mothers! Women come along and exercise in a group environment with other like minded ladies and bringing your baby / toddler / pre schooler, is encouraged!

Sessions are between 45-50 minutes in duration and every session is different and with an element of fun! We complete a range of body weight exercises (think squats, push ups, burpees, lunges etc) with cardio type moves (think star jumps, butt kicks, high knees etc). Options are provided to accommodate for all levels of fitness and ability so don’t feel intimidated if you’re new to fitness, have pelvic floor issues or have been away from exercise for a while.

Don’t forget we all have to start somewhere! And.. on the flip side – if you’re a bit of a fitness junkie I will definitely be providing options that challenge even the strongest and fittest of SUPERMUMS! At the end of the day the session is about YOU and I want to make sure you get just what you need from it. So… what are you waiting for? Put the buggy in the boot, dress in something comfy, strap the lil ones in, drop off any school kids and come do an awesome workout.

Group Fitness

These are exercise sessions for both men and women and are designed to “mix it up” and really get you going!! Every session is different and the only thing in common between sessions is that they’re about an hour long, they start with some form of warm up or warm up game, and then we get into the body of the session followed by a cool down and stretch.
The sorts of exercises and routines we do are predominantly body weighted exercises, calisthenic in nature and generally set out in a circuit, as tabata or capped for time. Running, skipping, and bounding are common during sessions. We use a bit of gear ranging from medicine balls, weighted sand bags and speed ladders, to high dip bars, resistance bands and kettlebells. Options are provided to accommodate for all levels of fitness however most people who attend have participated in other group fitness or boot camp type environments previously. If you’re unsure if this session is right for you please feel free to get in touch.

Difference between Group Fitness and Buggy Fit?

This session is women only and children are encouraged to come along. Group Fitness can be both men and women and is designed to be a bit more intense, can incorporate some more challenging exercises and goes for a little longer.

Can I bring my children?

Yes you can however
they are your
at all times.

Where are these

We usually workout outdoors on the Hukanui Primary school field / netball courts. There are no toilet facilities close by (Chartwell Mall would be the closest) and a drinking fountain only.


Personal Training

For the more personal and tailored exercise session and NO you don’t need to have a gym membership or attend a gym!
No matter your health or fitness goals every client is unique and I take your aspirations seriously and do my utmost to ensure you get there.
Ask yourself… is what you’re doing today getting YOU closer to where you want to be tomorrow? If not, drop me a line and let’s see if I can be your catalyst for change.



Casual Session

A one-off casual session, perfect to
test the waters or just pay
as you go!
Put the buggy in the boot, dress in something comfy, strap the lil ones in and come do an awesome workout.


Concession Card

This gives you 8 sessions to be used whenever you like. No timeframes or expiry. Concession cards can be used for both Buggy Fit and Group Fitness sessions or you can bring a friend/partner and they can use a session from your card too!


Personal Training

Looking for a training system tailored to you and your specific fitness
and lifestyle goals?
I offer one on one sessions in a  private home set up. Kids are welcome too. From $35


About Me

Exercise is one of those things that fills up my cup….

Call me weird, obsessed, or mad, but I’m in my element when I’m drowned in sweat, or with tender muscles the day after a hard session!

I became a mum in May 2012 (on my birthday to be exact) and several months later stumbled across a local fitness group that was all about mums and their babies exercising together. Cut a long story short – I went on to purchase Launch Fitness and have since made it my own.

In September 2014 I grew my family further and welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world. I maintained my exercise regime right through my pregnancy and this included weight lifting, body weight exercises (some plyometric) and running. Fast forward to April 2016 and we welcomed another baby boy into the world. Despite my hands being full and life extremely busy I kept up my fitness regime with three kids in tow!

Prior to having my children I have dabbled in a wide array of disciplines from netball, body building, sports fighting, triathlon and participated in numerous group fitness classes through a variety of gyms. Up until having my first child I existed in the corporate world!

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

“Buggyfit is an absolutely brilliant class for mums with children of all ages! I love being able to work out with my baby and with the other wonderful mums. When I started buggyfit I had a lot of excess baby weight to loose and was very unfit. I loved the fact that I could work at my own pace and attend to my baby if needed and even sometimes include her in the exercises. Kristen is an amazing instructor who is enthusiastic and motivating, she is creative with her sessions and they are always varied and interesting. I always have a buzz of energy after her classes. She also caters for everyone’s abilities from those just starting out to others who are more advanced. Since starting buggy fit 5 months ago I have really noticed a difference in my strength and fitness levels, my body shape has changed dramatically and I have lost 11kg. I feel so amazing now compared to when I started, I have so much more energy and confidence. I’m so glad I discovered Kristen and her buggyfit classes and highly recommend it to other mums wanting to improve their health and fitness.”

Wendy Palmer

BuggyFit client with two children.

“I started training with Kristen on a one on one situation after losing an incredible amount of weight. What I had never been educated on was how to exercise correctly and effectively for what I wanted to personally achieve. Kristen shared her knowledge and experiences enabling me to be able to complete my first running race at the age of 37. Never had I run before in my life. I then introduced my husband to Kristen and her group sessions that I had started to attend. Brendan was already a fit active man who cycles to work 5 days a week. Not only do we get to spend time together exercising as a husband and wife team but both of us who are at different levels of fitness are able to feel as though we have had a great workout. The way that Kristen runs her sessions are clear, and precise in showing the exercises that we are having to complete and she encourages you individually all the way and challenges you to complete your own goals that you have set for yourself. We highly recommend joining launch fitness and we challenge you to start to set your own goals for your future.”

Kylie Ann and Brendan Roughan

Husband and Wife team from Group Fitness sessions.

“Before children, I was a happy 43kg, (note I am only 143cm in height) enjoyed monthly massages, aqua aerobics ran a 1/4marathon and was active. After my first was born I never really got the chance to get back into shape because I was pregnant 10months later! When the second was born I was at my heaviest. I felt big, awful, sluggish, lazy, unfit and unmotivated. A little depression had set in and at which point my husband got me out the door to buggy fit. Naturally slight, I have lost some weight since commencing Buggy fit however what I have noticed is that my fitness has improved drastically. I can run further without puffing as quickly and my arms are more toned and my upper body is stronger. I started attended once a week but now I’m hooked and most weeks attend four days a week… and I’d love to do seven! After a class, I feel, great, relaxed, happy, energised and fit! My kids love coming too. They imitate what we do at Buggy Fit at home on the exercise mat and tell me to run faster when pushing them up hills in the stroller and yell “Mummy don’t stop”!!!! I just love it!!!! I can truly say it has changed my life as well as my fitness.”


Buggy Fit client.

“Kristen and Launch Fitness has changed my life. 
After my 2nd child, I had lost absolutely all motivation to do anything for myself. My life revolved around the children – as it does for all mothers – but I found myself slipping into a hole of not looking after myself, my mental well-being faltering and just going through the motions of daily life without any enthusiasm or drive. When I started with Launch Fitness I instantly felt at home with all the other mothers and Kristen had an absolute wealth of knowledge in all areas that flowed out of her easily and freely – everything from fitness and health, to helpful tips and tricks to assist with your goals at home. The Buggyfit classes were fun, challenging and inclusive of all levels. My children loved coming every week and also felt at home and created there own amazing little friendships.
Soon followed her PT sessions, which have added another dimension to my fitness and training and kept me accountable for attaining my goals. Kristen tailors your session for you and pushes, drives and encourages you to be the best you can be.
She works amazingly across all other areas that a great PT would – assisting with nutrition, injury, rehabilitation and preparation for competitions. I have stayed committed to Kristen and whatever she has thrown at me for 4 and a half years, and am looking forward to working together towards more goals in the future. 

I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without her and Launch Fitness.”

Tara Newby

Launch Fitness client.

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We welcome all abilities and fitness levels at Launch Fitness. The sessions are all about you. If people need a challenge I will make sure they get one, and similarly if someone needs a simpler option I will provide that too. You work out at your own pace! Concession cards can be used for both Group Fitness and Buggy Fit sessions. If you want to bring a friend, partner or another family member to these awesome sessions they can use a session from your concession card rather than pay the casual fee, just let me know in advance! Payment is required prior to each session (or at the end if arranged prior). Payment methods currently available are direct credit into bank account or cash. You must complete a health waiver prior to starting a session with Launch Fitness.